You are welcome to use my data, after preregistration

28.11.2017 | par Franck Ramus | 3 Commentaires

Dear collaborator, Over the years I have collected a lot of data that I consider very valuable. This includes in particular behavioral, MEG, MRI, and genetic data on dyslexic and control adults and children. I have already published some analyses of most of this data. But this is rich data, that can be used for more analyses, some of which were not even imagined at the time of conception, but may lead to important discoveries. Some of these analyses I... Lire la suite

Obituary: Professor Heather van der Lely

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    Note: This obituary previously appeared in a shortened version in the Times. Since it has not been published anywhere else, I post it here in its full version with the authorisation of its author, Alistair Macdonald. Professor Heather van der Lely was dismissed as a no hoper when she left school at 16 with few qualifications; but within 30 years she had become a world-renowned scientist who pioneered the understanding of why some children have difficulty acquiring language.... Lire la suite

On the DSM-5 proposal for the definition of Specific learning disorder

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NB: il s'agit ci-dessous de commentaires envoyés à la task-force du DSM-5, le comité chargé de rédiger la prochaine version de la classification des troubles mentaux pour l'association américaine de psychiatrie (actuellement DSM-IV-TR). Mes commentaires concernent la proposition de définition des troubles spécifiques des apprentissages. Dear colleagues, Please find below my observations about the proposed definition for specific learning disorders. They result from lengthy discussions that have taken place on the mailing-list of the Society for the Scientific Study of... Lire la suite